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Khalie Bache Hypnotherapist at Active Minds Hypnotherapy West kirby Wirral.  Specialising in anxiety and confidence, performance, phobias, weight and menopause

Khalie Bache

Solution focused Hypnotherapist

Welcome to Active Minds Hypnotherapy! I'm Khalie, your Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, well-being coach, and holistic practitioner located in the heart of West Kirby on Wirral.

I specialise in helping with anxiety and confidence, particularly for women. Let's work together to break free from negative thinking and build your confidence. Think of it as igniting new pathways to a more positive you.

Remember, you're the champion of your own life, and I'm here to support you. Let's start this transformative journey together!

'Igniting your new pathways'

Areas of Expertise

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy,
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Reiki Healing,
Yoga and breathwork

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that helps you discover your inner strength and courage, making it easier to move forward. It can improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and bring back a sense of peace and calm.

Think of your brain as flexible, like a muscle that can learn new and positive habits through repetition. Making positive changes might seem like a big step, but it's completely achievable and something you can handle.



To explore deeper or connect with me for some one-on-one sessions—whether it's in person or online—pick a category below that feels right for you. I'm here to make this journey with you, ensuring it's tailored to your needs.  Let's embark on this together!

"The sessions went beyond achieving my goal of a calmer mind.  I achieved a state of mind that I had not conceived prior to the therapy. I now feel a sense of space that I had never felt before.”

Mark, UK

Work with me Khalie Bache at Active Minds Hypnotherapy helping anxiety, confidence, weight, performance and more

Work with Me

Ready to dive into one-on-one sessions with me and uncover how I can make a real impact for you? Take a moment to fill in this form and let's get started on your journey.

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I'm a certified yoga instructor with 200 hours of training, specialising in working with women and children. My focus is on using somatic practices to create mindfulness toolkits that help manage physical responses to everyday stress.

Additionally, I provide tailored yoga sessions for expecting mothers to enhance their overall well-being. My diverse skill set, and compassionate approach underscore my commitment to empowering others through the transformative influence of yoga. It's not just about poses; it's about finding inner strength and balance.

IYN (200hrs)

Khalie Bache Yoga Instructor and Hypnotherapist at Active Minds Hypnotherapy

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