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Khalie Bache's Approach to Hypnotherapy

My Approach

Have you heard the term glass half empty or half full when describing a person?  This is not fixed and can be changed.  I use proven approaches of Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) combined with solution Focused Hypnotherapy to work with you to discover what these new pathways may be. 


We take a light hearted approach and always seek the positive outcomes.  We will not use regression to re-live any past traumas but instead focus on the present.  Over time clients can find that they have regained control of their lives and a certain lightness and joy has returned to their daily lives. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy came to me as the final jigsaw in the puzzle.  I worked for many years as a Reiki healer then went onto become a yoga teacher.  I myself struggled with survivor guilt and anxieties which developed from a traumatic experience triggered from the boxing day tsunami.  I had survived but what now?  Reiki and yoga helped me develop coping strategies especially when at times I was overwhelmed.  I built up a business working with clients however it felt for many times I was patching up clients.  They came to see me for a re-charge but never really had the understanding how to make great changes in their lives.  I realised that in order for an individual to really make changes in their own lives that they had to have there own light bulb moment.  They had to want this and really see it for themselves. 


That's when I started to look around at Psychotherapeutic treatments that may assist in helping a person to change somewhat negative behaviours, emotions and thought patterns.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really made me excited.  For the first time I would be using talk therapy to ask clients what solutions they needed to implement.  The use of trance techniques enabled the clients subconscious and conscious mind to merge.  The client would now be working intelligently tapping into their inner resource to create strength to move forward.  Clients started to make these new connections in their brains and started to see results.


Developing toolkits for myself to cope with life's stresses and anxieties has been so crucial to my wellbeing and happiness.  I have a real passion for people and their potential to live a joyful, successful life.  My collaborative approach is fun, empowering and truly life changing.

From the moment you contact me you I will be your champion.  You will have a free 50 minute initial consultation so I can understand exactly how I can help you and what you want to achieve.  We will meet weekly for 50 minutes either on zoom or in my private clinic. Depending on your presentation the duration of the services may take anywhere from 6-12 sessions.

Khalie Bache from Active Minds Hypnotherapy's approach for Solution Focused Therapy
My Approach
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